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Handmade bracelet with natural stones 8mm:

Black Onyx: On an emotional level, it is a highly calming stone, capable of bringing a sense of stability and security, dispelling anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it increases concentration, stimulating the intellectual faculties. Stimulates harmony with others, increases self-esteem and self-understanding.

Tiger's eye: It has a pain-relieving action especially against headaches. It balances the energy flow in the body and is effective in cases of nervous hyperexcitation or adrenal hyperactivity. It is particularly valid in convalescence because it favors the exchange of energy.

Howlite is the stone to transform and renew one's life: it helps heal old wounds of the soul, stimulates to forgive pain immediately and helps to metabolize anger and frustration. Howlite is the first aid stone for cases of trauma, shock, fears, anxieties, panic and emergencies in general.