Who we are

A warm welcome to the world of No Rulez Jewelry, the revolutionary brand that through
high quality products and a dynamic and professional team aims to create a community
never seen before, where anyone can join.

We rely on a team of experts in the sector in order to create jewels internally but above all
we are constantly looking for new collaborations with artists from all over the world,
in order to create a connection with our customers and offer a great variety of styles. 

Our Mission
No Rulez Jewelry is a new brand concept, the result of the desire to represent through the art of jewelry
those who are able to live without limits, who believe in themselves and get involved by cultivating
their own identity, without being conditioned by anything or anyone.

Our Values
Our motto is: "Jewelry to share".  Our strong point is all of you who, thanks to your spirit of enterprise and rebellion
against the schemes that everyday life now imposes on us, support an ideal and carry forward an individual creed,
distinguishing yourself for who you are.

Our Vision
We produce jewels within everyone's reach and can be reached online from anywhere in the world.
Anyone who buys a No Rulez jewel will not only buy a jewel, but will become part of a large family.
Our vision is to be a common meeting point between people.

No Rulez is all of You. Much more than jewelry, discover the first official collection of No Rulez Jewelry!

"A brand that's all about defying the norm and embracing individuality. I started NoRulez because
I believe that jewelry can be more than just an accessory - it can be a symbol of resistance and empowerment
for anyone who refuses to be held back. Join the rebellion and check out our jewelry today!"
 The Founder, G. Cerfeda
Lungolago Motta 20
6815 Melide (CH)
T. +39 389 56 53 631
M. info@norulez.net